About Me

I'm based out of Seattle and have experience working remote. In my time coding professionally for 11 years, I've had the fortune to work across many fields ranging from AI, Image Processing, Systems Architecture, Back End, Front End, Graphics, Embedded Systems and Mobile. I've held roles varying from Project Lead, R&D, CTO, Consultant and Contractor.

I've worked in a range of settings from studios and greenfield startups, to large established companies. I've worked at scale with distributed systems, with threaded / concurrent projects, scaled and architected systems as well as researched new tech for projects.

I'm familiar with all major languages and have coded in them extensively. I enjoy learning obscure languages to get an idea of what sort of new math or control structures they bring to the table. My most recent binge has been on Haskell. I keep up to date by playing around with new interesting coding techniques, idioms, and applications as well as reading recent white papers and new feature specifications regularly.

I've contributed to Gentoo and X.org and am currently working to extend ZMQ for a use case I have in an augmented reality platform.

I'm currently working on a visualization system for medical scans related to breast cancer research that is compatable with VR using C++ and OpenGL as well as a platform with native mobile clients and IoT beacon interaction with a java based infastructure focussed around emergency response systems at events and public places. I always welcome more projects and keep some hours open to acommidate them.

Whether you're looking to chat, do some research or employ me, contact me via the info below!

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