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It's been a while since I have updated the site between work, school, and sacred relaxation time. This weekend I got an exporter out to the model / animation file format I plan on using for the Arcanox engine as well as found a friend who is also working on a game engine and collaborated about some design decisions. The electric Go-Kart project is getting a move on.

We got in the microchip programmers and the mosfets last week so this week I will be busy dumping code onto them and testing it out. Right now the export scripts aren't public and I'm only planning on supporting scripts for blender My friend Brian Torres might code up an exporter for Maya in the future. Hope the new year is treating everyone well.


The past week I ran through some basic 3d engine techniques as well as started planning out the classes file formats and basic pipeline for arcanox. I'm using AVR microchip controllers for the experimental car because of their support for AVR-gcc.

Some web projects have been moving along as well. I checked out the google map api to get the hike planner working and I also posted a new code project i plan on starting next week. I'm loving the crisp cold weather. Hope to get some breathing room from these projects son though


Its been a busy couple of weeks. I have polished the site, the wording is still pretty bad and spelling is bad but thats not too important. I've gotten a wiki for a game idea down, I've learned 5 chords and 2 songs pretty well on the guitar. I've had 2 midterms. Played some Frisbee golf, got classes plotted out for the psych project and got a dev environment set up and working with the controller chip for the traction control system.

But the thing i'm most excited about is I did some research on the game engine and I've set aside some reading on 2d and 3d engine development, planned out some ai schema and other algorithms and started a home brew engine using C++ / sdl as one base and then a parallel engine i'm developing using haskell.

I'm hoping to use haskell or another functional language for some ai i'm working on but it might not be realistic. From what I've looked standard cpu's might not be quick enough to use functional programming for the whole engine. Its not really fit for the task anyway. Many Frisbee golfs later this will be settled.


Good Morning... Day 4 of filling out site as I watch the sun rise I find myself feeling a lot like Mr Reiker!

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